The Advantages Of Dentures

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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Dentures in Camp Hill PA are a prosthetic devise, or in other words something that replaces a body part, that is used in place of regular teeth.  As people age, so do their teeth and after a period of time, it might become apparent that you have outlived your teeth!  People loose their teeth because of tooth decay and periodontal disease.  This can be caused by malnourishment at a young or older age, bad oral hygiene, trauma of some kind, or other oral diseases that plague certain people. Once severe tooth decay has set in, it many times is just more beneficial to the person to consider getting a set of dentures.

A set of complete dentures in Camp Hill PA can add several advantages to an individual.  First off, the decayed teeth are now out the mouth.  It is much more aesthetically pleasing for the person to have a smile full of bright, clean, and straight teeth than for others to see a mouth full of less than perfect teeth.  Research shows that once people have had their dentures for a few years that their feeling of self-esteem improves.  It is so much nicer to feel confident that your smile reflects a normal facial appearance to others around you.  Dentures also provide a stabilizing support to the facial features.  If a person has had missing teeth in the past, the part above that absent area will sag.  Replacing absent teeth with dentures lifts up the area and returns it to normal. The face will no longer appear to have a collapsed look to it.  A person with new dentures will look in the mirror and see a different face looking back at them.  This new appearance lends itself to a better self-image.  

Another advantage to dentures in Camp Hill PA is that the person with new dentures will provide improved speech and pronunciation.  It can be very difficult for a person who is missing teeth to enunciate and pronounce words correctly.  New dentures allow for improved speech.  Another huge benefit to getting new dentures is the ability to chew food well.  Decayed and rotten teeth many times cause pain and discomfort to the owner.  They are just simply unable to chew their food well.  Once the decayed teeth are replaced with dentures the person will see a big improvement in mastication.  Your dentures will feel better and work better for every part of your eating experience.

Replacing your less than adequate teeth with a set of well-fitting dentures will improve your smile and feeling of self-worth.