Finding the Right Boat Dolly for Sale

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Having the ability to quickly and easily move boats around in all types of locations makes life much easier. This is important for boat owners, but it is critical for boat dealers, for boat shows and for boat and marine repair shops.

A boat dolly is an ideal option for moving boats indoors and on flat, level services. There are different options to choose from when looking for a boat dolly for sale, so understanding your needs will be an important first step.

Size of the Boat

For a boat owner who may want to move a boat around in a large storage garage or even take the boat to shows, choosing boat dolly for sale that can carry the weight of the boat is important. In general, the larger the boat, the more important it is to consider heavy duty dollies.

The top boat trailer and marine transport companies usually have several heavy-duty boat dolly options. These are designed to be deployed fore and aft and allow for easy movement of the boat. Each dolly is rated for the amount it can carry. For a 7200-pound boat, two 3600 pound carrying weight dollies are required. It is important not to exceed the maximum capacity per dolly to avoid stress failure in the dolly.

Additional Considerations

In addition to the carrying capacity of any boat dolly for sale, consider the type of hull is designed to carry. Most manufacturers offer a full range of different hull support options, and they may also offer carpeted pads to protect the boat while on the dolly.

Compare a few different boat dollies before making a final choice. Consider durability, construction, ease of use and the features offered to get the best choice for your boat hauling needs.