Creating a Texas Themed Wedding with the Best Barbecue in Dallas TX

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Travel

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Typically, when you consider barbecuing, you mainly think of things such as hotdogs and hamburgers cooking on the grill. Therefore, when you think of your wedding day, you’re probably not considering a Texan style barbecue themed.  What you must understand is that while barbecue in Dallas, TX might not be a traditional wedding theme, it will be one that is unique and everyone will enjoy. With barbecued food you can choose themes from old westerns, cowboy style, and even Hawaiian themed. It’s your special day and you should be able to enjoy it anyway you please. Below you will find some other ideas to incorporate a good barbecue in your most important day. 

Color Scheme
Are you a proud citizen of the United States? If so, why not consider creating a red white and blue themed wedding that will show your support for your country. There are lots of different theme ideas you can derive from this and have a blast while creating it. If you don’t want to do the traditional shades of red, white, and blue you can also consider trying different shades of these colors to add a bit of originality.

Table Setting
Who doesn’t like to taste good old barbecue food in those hot summer months? If you’re going to have a barbecue menu you want to make sure that your table settings will match the food. Since barbecue is typically messy and also a very casual meal to have you want to create a table setting that is down to earth and still incorporating the red, white, and blue theme. Consider purchasing red and white checker picnic tablecloths for some fun and originality. Clean up can be very easy by purchasing some nicely designed plastic silverware and plates for guests to use.

Now this part is one of the best parts of planning a wedding reception. The food is one of the most important parts of the reception and you want to make sure that you have chosen a menu that is ideal for you as the bride and groom as well as your guests. Long gone are the days when all you can have on the grill are burgers and dogs, if you search barbecued food you will find that you can cook just about anything on an open fire. Get creative and consider developing a menu that will allow everyone to sample the great barbecue from Dallas, TX area.

Of course you will need other things for your wedding reception such as a band! What is a wedding without music? Or better yet, what is a barbecue without a band to play! Celebrate with your family through music by choosing a band that can play well versed music that stays in tune with your overall wedding theme. You are sure to have a good time on such an important day if you properly plan and just have fun. No one says that weddings have to be traditional all the time; you can always create a special day that no one in your family will soon forget.