Common Misconceptions about Houston Malpractice Attorneys

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Malpractice attorneys help clients who have been injured by medical professionals or whose medical conditions have worsened due to improper medical treatments get compensation. You can sue in case of medical negligence by a doctor, surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, or any other health care worker. You could also sue a hospital or an emergency room. You are entitled to compensation under U.S. law. Note that health care workers and hospitals have malpractice insurance to cover such lawsuits.

Houston, nicknamed Space City, is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth most populous with a population of 2,099,451 and 5,946,800 in the greater metropolitan area in the 2010 census. It therefore follows that there are many malpractice attorneys Houston. It is important that you know common misconceptions about these attorneys.

A common misconception about malpractice attorneys in Houston is that they like filing frivolous lawsuits. This could not be further from the truth. The fact is that under U.S. law, filing a frivolous lawsuit for malpractice is very difficult. An attorney will have to convince the court that there is indeed enough evidence to carry the case through. Before filing the case, your attorney will gather evidence and will have your medical records reviewed by experts in the field. Merit-less lawsuits are frowned upon by courts, doctors and attorneys and no respectable attorney will file one.

Another common misconception is that all attorneys in Houston have conspired to fleece clients. The truth is that there are thousands of lawyers in Houston and this is not the case. Attorney cartels are not allowed and such practice is frowned upon. Attorneys have considerably high rates for their services because they dedicate a lot of their time and effort to each case. Houston malpractice attorneys do not fleece their clients since there is a cap as to how much money they are entitled to. If your case is taken on a no-win no-pay basis, your attorney cannot get more than 30% of the final payout.

There has been a misconception that malpractice attorneys Houston are single handedly responsible for the high premiums paid by doctors, surgeons and other health care professionals as malpractice insurance and for the consequent increase in health care costs. The fact is that studies indicate that malpractice cases have precious little to do with increased health care costs and malpractice insurance premiums. Doctors could always refer the patients they cannot handle to specialists.

Another misconception is that these attorneys are always looking for quick settlements with the aim of squeezing as much money as they can from insurance companies. This is a fallacy – insurance companies play in the big league and would not allow themselves to be taken advantage of. Other common misconceptions are that malpractice attorneys Houston can settle cases without the consent of their clients and they are mostly ambulance chasers.