Choosing the Perfect Fence for your Property

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home and Garden

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There are a good number of reasons why there is a need for a fence aside from improving the appearance of the home.

* For security purposes
* For privacy
* For the safety of children and pets
* For enclosure of the tennis courts or the swimming pool
* To define the property lines
* To block out noise from traffic and noisy neighbors
* To add value to the home

When making a choice for the fences, take into account that you will be living with the fence for a long time and will be looking at it every day. You need to be happy with its appearance and how it will add character to your home. Fences are not cheap and you need to consider affordability. Wood fences can be quite cheap but you might be spending more for its maintenance and repair. Evaluate your requirements and look for the fence that will provide you the most value for the amount paid.

Choosing the Style of the Fence

The fence should complement the exterior of the house. A white picket fence is not certainly recommended for a villa while a wrought iron fence will not fit a log cabin. The fence should blend with the landscape and the architectural design of the home. Some fences are considered for the sake of ornamental value while some homeowners require the fence for security and privacy. Your taste and preferences will determine the choice of the fence from Fence Frankfort companies.

Unfortunately, not all styles and designs of the fence that you desire will be allowed by the local building codes. There are requirements as to height and style for the pool fences and zoning requirements for the kind of fences that can be erected in the area. Fence Frankfort installers will provide you with information on local requirements before they install the fence.

Material Options for the Fence

There are many different kinds of material for a fence — from wood, vinyl, PVC, stone, wrought iron, to aluminum and steel. Each of these materials has their strengths and weaknesses and some can be more expensive than the rest. Fence Frankfort companies install the fences according to the material of your choice.

Wood Fence

In the countryside, wooden fences are still the popular choice. They are inexpensive, easy to build and the sources are renewable which make them environmentally friendly. When choosing the kind of wood, look for those which are more resistant to water like redwood and cedar. Wood can easily blend with the house and provides warmth and a welcome ambiance to the home.

Vinyl Fence

The vinyl fence is considered as one of the more popular choices for fences because of its strength and durability which is guaranteed to last for a long period of time. It is also resistant to weather conditions without the need for repainting and regular maintenance.

Wrought Iron Fence

The wrought iron fence exudes opulence and luxury and preferred by those who are more financially well-off. In terms of providing security and protection, wrought iron fences are the perfect choice.