Choosing Dog Dresses for your Pup Diva

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Pets

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You would think pets aren’t naturally supposed to wear clothes; but they aren’t naturally supposed to sleep on sofas, watch television (fact – mine does!), or eat hot dogs either! Yes, pet fashion is now a rising trend in all of America and spreading virally across the world. That is why people can easily find great dog dresses for their pampered little divas. In fact, canine fashion has even hit the ramp, as four legged contenders are crossing paws with human super models on the walk – way!

Dog dresses  need to designed so that it doesn’t hamper their natural movement or cause them discomfort in any way. There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, each with unique body structures and fur textures. That is why their clothing must also be made keeping these aspects in mind. The material must be soft and light, so that they don’t feel like it’s a burden. It must give them warmth in the coldest days of winter, and at the same time not be uncomfortable. Dogs don’t sweat out of their skin like humans. This is how we lose a lot of excess heat storing up in out bodies. Unfortunately, our canine companions can only lose heat from their mouths, hence the panting. Designers who work with dog dresses make sure that these scientific aspects are kept in mind while making the clothes.

You must be updating your wardrobe pretty regularly. This is because we don’t want to look like a drag by wearing the same styles and colors every day. Fashion for canines too is just as dynamic with seasonal styles and colors changing. Depending on what breed of pooch you have, you should also make sure that you have the right necessary size. Ill fitted clothes will cause your precious baby to feel a lot of discomfort in movement. From floral designs to animal prints, you can find any kind of dog dresses these days.

On a final note about clothes for your canine friends, be gender sensitive. I have seen a big male rottweiler looking lost in a floral pink dress! Remember that fashion terms apply to dogs just as they do for us. Dresses are meant for the ladies; not for men! Most good companies selling pet clothes have a range for both sexes. That is why dog dresses are only meant for your darling baby girl pups.