An Overview into the Inner Workings of an Aircraft Equipment Support Department

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Aviation

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Aviation mechanics are skilled and knowledgeable professionals. They are expected to do their work correctly with no room for errors. An array of equipment is utilized for this purpose in addition to specially designed tools. As such they require aircraft equipment support to ensure that they have the right set of tools and equipment. Auto mechanics keep their own set of tools. The same can be said of aircraft mechanics only that some heavy equipment must be in a hangar.

Airlines operating from Texas source their equipment from aircraft equipment support Texas. As the design of aircraft changes with developments in technology, there is a need for new and efficient tools to keep up with this. Engineers also need to be assisted in sourcing for parts to replace those that are worn out in order to keep an airplane in an airworthy condition. A hangar is more or less like an operation theater. Once an aircraft is towed in here, it is expected to leave in a condition suitable for flying.

Here is an overview of an aircraft equipment support unit within an airline.

* The engineering department should be professionally managed. Persons manning hangars and repair units must be qualified and fit for the job. Airlines recruit the best engineers there is in the market. They are then taken through an induction program to acclimatize themselves with the operations of the airline. A senior mechanic or engineer supervises the work of new recruits until they are fit to work on their own.

* To ensure a smooth aircraft equipment support, airlines do have a streamlined procurement procedure. This trickles down to a purchasing manager within the engineering department. He keeps an inventory record of spare parts and consumables. He also monitors the stock regularly in liaison with the engineer in charge in order to ensure that the hangar is well stocked and the right equipment has been procured.

* Once data is collected at the engineering department, the estimates are then taken to the company’s overall in charge of procurement. He in turn, liaises with the finance manager on the availability of funds for the purchase of equipment. Unlike auto parts, aircraft spares are very expensive. Ordering has to be done in advance to ensure that a part or equipment is shipped in time.

* If funds are confirmed, the part is ordered. Aircraft equipment support Texas companies play a huge role in the supply of these parts. They service major airlines as well as domestic companies within Texas. At times, orders do come in from far away countries. Once the order is ready, it is shipped as per the terms agreed upon. Next time you get into an aircraft and enjoy the flight, take time to reflect on these hardworking engineers.