A Remote Car Starter Provides Premium Benefits

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Cars

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When you buy a remote car starter in Binghamton, NY, the main benefits that you will experience are convenience, safety, optimal engine care and added resale value. The most obvious benefit, of course, is that you can turn on the car in the morning and start to warm it up without putting on your slippers, while you are still in bed, or taking a shower. Or, alternately, when you are shopping in 110° F. heat and the whole outside world is a hot, sticky and uncomfortable mess, you can switch on your engine while still deciding on condiments, and the car will be a cool receptacle for your transportation needs upon concluding your transactions.

The element of safety is obvious when you use a remote car starter. Binghamton, NY is a great place to live but is not immune to the kinds of crime and burglary that are evident everywhere in the world. Possible solutions other than using a remote car starter in Binghamton, NY include guarding your car while it warms up, or using two keys.

In the first scenario, you might get up, get dressed, go out to your car in the below zero weather with two sets of keys, start your car, turn on the heater and lock the doors. You can use your second set of keys to unlock them; however, you must go through a lot just for the convenience of having a warm engine and defrosted windows when it is time to go to work. And if you lose one of the sets of keys while your car is on and warming up – and locked – you’re in trouble.

A second alternative is to get up earlier than you would like, rush through your shower, getting dressed and breakfast, go out to your car shivering in sub-zero temperatures, sit behind the wheel and start the engine, then turn on the heat, and wait. You may wind up being frozen to your seat and grumpy, your coffee cold, before the car is sufficiently warm enough to drive. Moreover, most people who use this methods end up driving their cars before the engine is warm and ready, which is not good for the engine. They also drive before the windows are clear, which is not good for the driver, especially if he gets involved in a serious accident as a result.

Binghamton has some cold winters, as well as some pretty wet and hot summers. Reselling your car with a remote car starter in Binghamton, NY adds value to your asking price, especially if you time your sale during particularly nasty weather!