A Career In Audiology

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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Audiology is the field of science that deals with hearing and balance and their associated disorders. Audiology in Pittsburgh PA professionals are called audiologists, and require graduate level degrees in order to practice their profession. With their relevant education and licensure, audiologists are able to assess, diagnose, treat, and manage symptoms of hearing loss and balance disturbance for patients ranging from infants to elders.

Audiology in Pittsburgh PA involves the use of computers, audiometers, and other relevant devices for testing hearing loss. With these devices audiologists can not only assess the degree of hearing loss, but the type of hearing loss as well. They are also able to accurately assess what aspects of a patient’s balance system are causing them to have troublesome balance symptoms. Audiologists are skilled in interpreting the test results from their high tech audiology devices and using these results to develop a personalized plan of treatment for each patient. They will often work closely with speech-language pathologists, physicians, social workers, physical therapists, and other members of a patient’s care team to ensure all aspects and impacts of their hearing or balance dysfunction are being appropriately addressed.

The practice of Audiology in Pittsburgh PA involves the selection and fitting of hearing aids, instruction in the use of other devices that aid in hearing, and the recommendation of cochlear implants. Audiologists will often educate their patients who have suffered hearing loss, showing them how to take measures to prevent further loss. Hearing conservation programs are typically headed by audiologists. These programs focus particularly on those that are frequently exposed to intense noise, such as those who work in the fields of machinery or construction.

Audiology in Pittsburgh PA is practiced in a wide variety of settings. Practicing audiologists will often work in clinics, hospitals, or schools. Some have their own private practices. Others focus their work on hearing aid design and manufacturing. Still others spend their time in labs conducting research in order to further our understanding of hearing loss and balance malfunction. About one third of audiologists are professors who teach audiology related classes at various colleges and universities. No matter which avenue an audiologist chooses to pursue, they are able to earn a solid living while serving the needs of others.

Audiology in Pittsburgh PA is a great career opportunity. Congenital defects, environmental factors, illnesses, and medications can all lead to hearing and balance dysfunction. Medical advancements are forwarding the field of Audiology in Pittsburgh PA, making it possible to treat and restore hearing and balance to more and more patients who have lost them.