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Opening a New Business Custom Chocolate Logo

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Chocolate
May 8, 2013

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If there are house warmings, there should be business warmings as well. It is a known fact that when opening a new business, it is a cruel mixture of excitement along with fear and anxiety. What a pleasant surprise it would be for the new business owner to have all his friends put on a business warming with all the bells and whistles, including chocolate logos

Business Warming Theme

All business owners are proud of their business name and have, no doubt, put in a lot of thought into creating the logo. Therefore, the business warming must have a logo theme. A custom chocolate logo will be the party favor and the party decorations. The entire party can be set up in the conference room or in the lunch room, whichever one is most convenient.

Business Warming Colors and Decorations

The colors will coordinate with the colors in the logo and in the new business name. Presuming that the new business colors are blue and green, the streamers from corner to corner will be blue and green and fall in cascades from the center of the room. Foil-wrapped chocolate logos will be tied up and down the streamers.

The round table in the room will be covered with a blue plastic cover with round green paper doilies scattered around. In the center will be a bouquet of flowers that are blue and green. Long skewer sticks will be placed randomly amidst the flowers and on the end will be a foil-wrapped chocolate logo.

Cake and Candy Bar

The cake and candy bar table can be covered with a green plastic table cloth with blue paper doilies scattered around. There can be foil-wrapped chocolate logos scattered around amidst the cakes and jars of candy.

Instead of the standard sheet cake for events like this, the cake will be individual squares of cake covered with icing and decorated with a chocolate logo. The icing can be a variety with some in green icing and some in blue.

The candy bar can consist of a variety of quart jars or clear glass vases, whichever may be more convenient and best contain the amount of candy that is desired. Each glass contain can be filled with a variety of candies and candied products, including the foil-wrapped chocolate logos.