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Mercurial Football Boots that Ronaldo Wore During His Most Memorable Victories

By: Timothy Harvard
Category : Sports
April 19, 2012

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Mercurial Football boots became popular with the rise of the well-known Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. The famous footballer has been carving out victories since 2002 wearing wonderful football boots from the Nike Mercurial collection. Apart from the striking design with multiple colors combination, the carbon fiber used, makes these soccer boots extremely sport friendly and affordable. The tender leather incorporated in the shoes help players including Cristiano Ronaldo, master the ball better. Let us take a look at some of the most popular Mercurial shoes the Portuguese champion wore during his most memorable victories.
Mercurial Football Boots that Ronaldo Sported During Iconic Events

Here are the football boots from the Nike Mercurial collection that Portuguese star Ronaldo wore at some of the most memorable events in football:

*     Shining Chrome

Cristiano caught the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson with his power play wearing Mercurial Chrome in 2002/03. Ronaldo enjoyed his other initial wins too in the Old Trafford stadium wearing these bright shining soccer boots.
Cristiano continued to wear the Mercurial Vapor Chrome football boots in 2003/04 season to do better for Manchester United. This time he went on and scored the 1000th Premiere League goal for Manchester United.

*    Fiery Gold

Ronaldo continued to be noted for his mercurial skills in the European Championships while sporting the Mercurial Vapor designed in shining gold in 2004.
The brilliance of these golden football boots was also flaunted by Cristiano at the FA Cup Final win against Millwall FC.

*   Simple White/Red

Even though Cristiano has been noted for his indulgence in a wide variety of football boots, there was a time when he would wear the same boots for almost an entire season.   Throughout 2004 up till early 2005, he was usually seen sporting the white and black combo boots. However, he made a rare exception with the Nike Mercurial Vapor II boots in a white and red combination.

*   Brilliant Argon blue

One of the most outstanding colors introduced in the Mercurial collection is Vapor II Argon blue. Cristiano managed one of his most memorable strikes in the Champions League against his old club Sporting in 2007.

*   Red devil

Mercurial did not cease to surprise its fans when it comes to powerful colors. Nike launched the red and gold Mercurial vapor IV, wearing which Cristiano kicked 35 goals during 37 European as well as domestic matches of 2008.

While Cristiano continues to remain a fan of the Mercurial series, all those who have fondness for both Cristiano and football should also consider sporting Mercurial soccer boots. Several online soccer stores have a wide collection of these football boots and also offer attractive discounts.

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