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Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers

By: Teresaal Dridge
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October 16, 2018

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The use of fiber optic cable in telecommunication systems is increasing dramatically in all areas around the world. Fiber optic cable offers several benefits over the traditional copper wire cable including flexibility, bandwidth and increased ease of installation even in difficult areas.

Finding the best supplier for the fiber optic cable needs on any job is a critical factor in ensuring the job goes smoothly and stays on schedule. Delays in slow or erratic delivery, problems with cable quality or other factors are directly controlled by fiber optic cable suppliers, but they do have an impact on your work as a contractor.

Industry Experience

It is ideal to find fiber optic cable suppliers with experience in working on these types of large-scale telecom installation projects. With this experience, the supplier is able to plan orders accordingly and to also be a resource during the project.
The best suppliers are also available to assist with issues and challenges that can arise. They work together with their customers, providing insight, solutions and the materials needed to get the job done.
Capacity to Fill Orders

Not all fiber optic cable suppliers have the connections to fiber optic cable manufacturers to ensure large order deliveries can be completed on time. Often the smaller suppliers struggle with large projects as they lack the in-house capacity to manage the inventory needed for the job.
Additionally, many of the smaller suppliers are not able to manage international shipments, which means contractors working in the Caribbean, South or Central America, or other locations outside of the USA may experience problems in receiving shipments.
Take the time to find out about the experience of any fiber optic suppliers. Make sure they provide the necessary materials and capacity for the job and the experience to be a resource as needed.