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Choosing the Design for Custom Trade Show Displays

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Advertising
June 6, 2013

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The custom trade show displays are one of the platforms from which a product is launched so it must be beautiful, useful and informative. The purpose of the trade shows is for companies to showcase their products to other companies and to the consumer. In order to best take advantage of this opportunity and the investment the business has put into reserving a space, they will want their product and their manufacturing capabilities in as good a light as possible.

All the options must be chosen carefully with one thing in mind – will it catch the eyes of the consumer? Is it pleasing; is it compelling; is it eye-catching? The answer has to be yes to all of these to be a quality display.

What Is Custom?

The answer to that question is everything. The customization of a display will allow the company to say what they want. The creator of the custom trade show displays will have to add points and aspects that will make it look professional and meet the need of the business.

Custom speaks loud and clear that it is all about that particular company and no one or nothing else. Custom comes with a price, but it talks money too so it can be the means of creating more revenue, sales and orders. Custom has to do with color, light, design and size. If there will be two hosts in the booth, it would be good to have two areas when the consumer can sit down and talk with one of the hosts.

Customize the Interaction Platform

If the company is displaying a piece of equipment, a technology advancement or something the consumer will want to see, touch and use, the custom trade show displays will be created in an open way so the consumer can move around the booth and interact better with the vendor or vendors hosting the display.

Light It Up

Lights are essential in an effective display. Maybe the lighting should change colors or it might be better displayed in direct lighting. Consider the basic coloring of the custom trade show displays; that will dictate the appropriate color for the display.

The color also should give a calming affect so the consumer wants to stay in the display and enjoy the products he is observing. However, the lights should not be too dim because it will be difficult to see what is being displayed.

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