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Using Social Context Cues Theory To Optimize Phone System Performance

By: Alex
Category : Business
January 16, 2013

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Modern designers of phone systems in Frederick MD are taking advantage of a new philosophy of communication known as Social Context Cues Theory.  This theory develops a framework for measuring and understanding the effectiveness and reliability of different forms of communications, and it can be used to help match phone system design to the processes of a company.

Originally, the standard for social context cues was measured against face to face communications, which represented the maximum number of cues available during a conversation.  Besides the content delivered from the speaker to the listener, other cues include the tone of the voice (strained, dry, reedy); the inflection of the voice (haughty, condescending, smooth, loud); and the facial expressions and the body language.  Secondary cues included how the person was dressed and how they were groomed.  Tertiary cues involved the senses other than sight or sound, for instance, the perfume the person was wearing.  These cues combined to deliver a total message consisting of the content and the supporting cues.

One of the first forms of communications involved phone systems in Frederick MD.  It was an attempt to recreate as closely as possible the ability to have a face to face conversation.  The phones were successful at transmitting content and voice inflection, but no more.  This was a great breakthrough and enabled effective personal and business communications for a wide range of applications.  Of course, certain situations still called for a face to face meeting.  (Perhaps the most socially important of these was breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend.)

As technology progressed, phone systems could produce more effective communications through phone systems in Frederick MD, by increasing the number of cues transmitted.  One of these included video communications, which added the video cues to the conversation.  This helped the reliability of communications, where sometimes verbal responses were sometimes taken out of context without the support of the visual cues.  In one sense, it made for richer communication, and from another perspective, it reduced the number of conversations requiring a face to face meeting.  As businesses became more globalized and fuel costs increased, travel become more difficult and costly, and the improvement in communication became in important logistical consideration as well.

Conversely, the effectiveness of certain communications was purposely cue limited.  For instance, a telecommuter would not want to be part of a video conference when dressed in his pajamas.  Similarly, some communications were important enough to limit to emails, in order to allow measured responses and prevent interruptions.


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