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Common Problems with Swimming Pool Pumps

By: Alex
Category : Construction and Maintenance
January 23, 2013

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Plano is one of the best places to live in the U.S. The CNN Money magazine,, and other publications have asserted as much. The city was declared as the wealthiest city in the U.S. by comparing median household income by the United States Census Bureau. Given this fact and the fact that Texas has high temperatures most of the year, it is not surprising that most homes here have swimming pools.

It is important that you know common problems with swimming pool pumps and what causes them. If you are able to identify a problem as it happens, you will be able to call in a professional in good time. This is important because it ensures that the problem does not exacerbate, it prevents electrocution and other risks, and it ensures that your pool is always up and running.

One of the most common problems with pool pumps Plano failure of the pump to move water. The role of the pump is to circulate water so that it is filtered. This is called ‘prime’. If it fails to prime, the water in the pump will heat up, leading to the warping of the pump basket and damaging other equipment. This also leads to the stagnation to the water. This could be caused by full/clogged skimmers, leaky plumbing, low water level, a dirty filter, and debris over the pool’s main drain.

You should always call in a professional to determine the cause of the problem and to solve it. If, after clearing debris, ensuring there is proper water level, and ensuring that the plumbing is not leaky there is still no prime, the problem could be that air is trapped in the pump and it needs to be filled with water (by repeatedly opening and closing the valve).

Another common problem with pool pumps Plano is the motor failing to start. This could be caused by lack of power to the pump. If you check the power and see that it is switched on and that the circuit breaker is on, the problem could be that the circuit breaker is blown or that the pump timer is not set to the proper time. If the problem is the timer, a professional will bypass it or reset it to zero.

Yet another common problem with pool pumps is the motor suddenly starting to make noise when running. This could be caused by the wearing of motor bearings. It could be caused by failure of the centrifugal switch spring and it could be an indication that the starter is failing. Other common causes of motor noise are rust, excess wear, and inadequate lubrication.

If the pump is consuming a lot of electricity, you most likely have an outdated pump or the wrong pump. You may need to go shopping for pool pumps.

It is only if you know common problems with pool pumps that you will be able to detect a problem before it gets out of control. Visit Texan Blue Pool Service in Plano for your pool pumps solution.