Workers compensation – Why settle for less when there’s lot more you can get!

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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A work-related injury can dash your hopes, and those of your family, for a bright future in your golden years. But why let a tragic incident rob you of your just reward, especially if the injuries are serious with long-term effect. A good workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA can ensure you are treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve.
There are a few things that you should be aware of, however, if you want your application for workers compensation to proceed successfully. Obviously, if you are in a work-related accident, your first priority should be seeking the best medical attention possible.  A seasoned workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA  may explain to you that this is where you can lay a firm foundation for your planned claim for compensation. It is essential to remember though, that these medical records are legally available to your employer and their insurance company.

During your treatment, you need to ensure that your medical condition is as clearly and thoroughly documented as possible. If you do have the benefit of consulting with an experienced workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA during your treatment, you will be advised to provide a detailed account of the incident, the resulting injury, the symptoms you are experiencing and the impact it might be having on your ability to perform regular work.

Work-related injuries do not necessarily always happen overnight. Some working conditions, like mining or working with hazardous materials, can be taking their toll gradually over a period of many years, only to be spurred by a single incident. A good workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA will advise you that you should also disclose your medical history prior to the single incident to your physician. Chronic stress, fatigue, neck pains, crippling back strain, can all be the cause of an unsafe workplace. Make sure you describe such symptoms in detail, and don’t just confine your medical history to post-incident  symptoms.

When you consult with your workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA, make sure you disclose any forms or documents that you may have been asked to sign without his/her consent. Your employer’s lawyers and the insurance adjusters could sometimes trick you into signing letters, forms and consents that give your rights away. A seasoned workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA will advise you never to do that.

Once you have a worker’s compensation lawyer on your side, it may be to your benefit to direct all communication about your application, appeal or litigation to them. With your workers compensation attorney in Lacey WA acting as the single point of contact for the case, there’s less likelihood that opposing counsel can get you to say or do anything to strengthen their case and weaken yours.