Wisdom Tooth Removal by a Dentist in Howell

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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A wisdom tooth is a tooth that tends to erupt near the molars during the teenage or early adult years. In some cases your wisdom teeth could be properly realigned and should not be problematic. In other cases the teeth may not be aligned the right way. This is where you’ll have to get your wisdom teeth removed. A dentist in Howell can help you out in the event that you have issues with your wisdom teeth.

How to tell if a removal is needed

A dentist can help you tell if you need to get your wisdom teeth removed. The teeth can be inspected based on several factors like the ways how gum tissues have formed around the teeth and whether or not they are crowding alongside the other teeth in the area. In many cases the teeth can be inspected based on their shapes and how they have been arranged.

Your dentist in Howell could determine that you do not need to get your wisdom teeth removed based on whether or not your teeth are aligned the right way. Your dentist can see how your teeth are developing and then plan to remove them in the event that they are crowding the spot or are at risk of potentially damaging other teeth.

How it is handled

The procedure involves sedation or anesthesia to keep you under control. The dentist then inspects the teeth based on their root systems and sees how they are developing to determine if a traditional tooth extraction procedure can work. In some cases the dentist may have to cut through a few small parts of the gums just to get the roots out of the way without damaging other teeth.

It can take a few days to recover from the procedure. Therefore, you are often recommended to get into your appointment on a Thursday or Friday or whatever day of the week is best for you based on your typical work schedule. You might have to miss a few days of work to recover but the oral benefits of getting your wisdom teeth removed should make it worthwhile.

Every patient’s response to a wisdom tooth removal procedure varies. Some patients feel a very minimal amount of pain. Either way, it is best to be prepared when trying to get this procedure going. Sometimes the procedure might be too intense. You need to make sure that you following the instructions from your dentist to keep your teeth healthy and to keep yourself comfortable in the process without risking what could come in the way.

You should be aware of the services that a dentist in Howell is capable of giving you in the event that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed. Not all people need to get these teeth removed. However, there are cases where the teeth could be impacted or not aligned properly. You’ll need to get a dentist to assist you with removing your teeth to make sure that the damages that might potentially come from the wisdom teeth are as minimal as possible.