Why Medicare Supplement Plans are Important for Seniors

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Supplements

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Many Texas seniors are finding that they must purchase Medicare supplement plans because there are many medical expenses their Medicare coverage does not pay. In the case of a life-threatening illness, this can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t want to be without proper insurance coverage when you need it the most. Talk to an insurance advisor about the types of Medicare Supplement plans in Texas that are available and how they can benefit you.

Another name for Texas Medicare supplement plans is Medigap. This is a plan that will help seniors who have Medicare coverage pay for gaps — that is, services for which Medicare only pays for part of the services. It is an important coverage for seniors and can help them pay for co-insurance payments, deductibles, and other co-payment amounts that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

Prescription coverage can now be added to your original Medicare policy. You have the option of purchasing a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or perhaps joining a PPO or HMO that will offer prescription drug benefits. This type of coverage is sold by private insurance companies. You can find Medigap policies that will pay for prescription drugs. With the rising cost of prescriptions, this is one less worry for senior citizens who are struggling just to get by month to month.

A Medigap supplemental insurance policy only covers one person, so a senior couple who both need coverage would need two separate policies. Coverage is standardized from state to state and has strict federal regulations in force. Normally, the only difference you will find from policy to policy is the price.

To be eligible for Medicare supplement insurance, you must first have Medicare coverage. It is a plan designed to supplement Medicare and pay for benefits that the original Medicare policy does not cover. There are some exclusions that are not covered by Medicare supplemental insurance, such as long-term nursing home care, vision care, dental care, or hearing aids. There are some extensions to coverage that may be provided by certain insurance companies.

Your health is something much too important to leave to chance. It is better to get the coverage you need now than to wait until you have become ill or suffered some type of injury and do not have the necessary insurance to cover your medical expenses. For more information about Medicare supplement plans in Texas, contact a Texas insurance advisor who can help you decide if a Medicare supplement plan is right for you and help you shop for the best rates available.