What You Should Know If You Plan on Becoming a Living Tissue Donor

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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Unfortunately, human organs, tissues, and even bodies are liable to shut down out of nowhere. On the bright side, modern medicine has made it possible to take tissues and organs from either deceased or living humans – if not other animals, such as pigs – and replace malfunctioning, dying, or otherwise poor body parts. The idea of offering yourself up for living tissue donation may be an uncomfortable one, but every year, almost 6,000 donations of this type occur. Whether you’re considering doing it or not, everyone should be aware of the following information about donating parts of the human body.

Who Can’t Give Up Their Tissue?

In general, most people are allowed to offer up their bodies in favor of helping one or more sick people who desperately need their assistance. However, some of the most common issues that will disqualify you as a candidate of the living donation process include high blood pressure that isn’t being controlled, diabetes, and cancer.

How Do Prospective Living Donors Get Started?

To step up and donate tissue to those in need, the first step is to do your research and seek out a suitable organization looking for donors and reach out to the company’s representatives. After providing personal information and following through with the standard clerical work, most donors will be able to make their way to their nearest active tissue donation center.

Most People on Donor Lists Don’t Make It Long Enough to Receive Tissue

Current statistics indicate that people with failing kidneys, for example, almost always have to wait three years before having even a halfway-reasonable chance of getting a kidney.

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