What is Restorative Dentistry and Why Would You Need It?

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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The practice of restorative dentistry is a specialized practice where repair and stabilization of your teeth and gums are done after they are damaged as the result of mouth injury, tooth decay or gum disease.  While it may seem that these types of procedures performed by Katy Dentists would fall under the classification of cosmetic dentistry, they do not.  When the services of a restorative dental clinic are needed, they are a bit more complicated and are used to restore a person’s mouth to good overall oral health and also to prevent further damage from occurring.

 Restorative dentistry procedures include the diagnosis of any type of oral health problems that involve treating and repairing broken and infected teeth as well as the gum and surrounding mouth tissue.  Generally these problems are initially diagnosed by general practice Katy Dentists, who then refer the patient to a restorative dentist for further specialized care and treatment.  The care plan is then coordinated between the two oral health care providers.

 When a person’s teeth need rehabilitation in order to function properly and have aesthetic appeal, restorative dentistry methods such as fillings, veneers, crowns and onlays are just a small part of the process.  Katy Dentists  who specialize in restorative care treatment and repair procedures  also work to repair damage  that occurs due to failed restorations,  abrasion or wearing away of tooth structure, erosion of tooth structure as well as dental implants, dentures and partial plates.

Some of the more common restorative dental procedures include bridgework that connects remaining teeth together by a partial denture plate as well as dental implants, which are a type of tooth prosthesis that are implanted into areas where a tooth has been removed.  Dental bridges and implants are done by Katy Dentists   to help to stabilize the remaining tooth structure and give support so that further degeneration of bone does not occur.  Restorative dental procedures such as bridges or partial dental plates and dental implants are used when damage has occurred that does not require the entire tooth or jaw and root areas to be completely reconstructed.

One of the less common restorative procedures is a full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction is done by Katy Dentists when patients with severe dental problems require a complete restoration of teeth and possible jaw and tooth root work.  These restorative procedures done for full mouth reconstruction often use a combination of cosmetic and restorative dental solutions to improve overall dental health and function as well as the aesthetic smile appeal.

Most dental patients who have restorative dental procedures such as the ones mentioned here often only have these done as a result of the fact that they cannot have good overall oral health any other way.   When this type of work is needed, it requires a good deal of cooperation between the general practice and the restorative specialist Katy Dentists   oral health care clinics.  Patients, who have restorative work done, regain the ability to properly chew and talk as well as confidence in the way they smile and the shape of their mouths.