The Centrifugal Pump and its Important Role in Industrial Applications

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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In many industrial facilities, liquids and other materials get moved about, and this takes some powerful pumps. In fact, the food and beverage industry has strict standards for cleanliness, and many types of equipment require stainless steel materials. To maintain high sanitation standards, sanitary centrifugal pump equipment is needed, but what are centrifugal pumps and why are they important? Here is information to help explain.

How Centrifugal Pumping Action Works

Suppose you need to get fluid from one part of your beverage processing plant to another. The easiest and most effective way involves pumping it through a system of piping and into another system. You can use many types of pumps for this job, but a sanitary centrifugal pump gives you several important benefits.

How These Pumps Work

Have you ever seen an old fashion water wheel at an old grain mill? As the water moves, it flows into the outer sections of the wheel, making it turn on its axis. Now imagine the water standing still and the wheel turning via power from a motor. It picks up the water and carries it around in a circle, but if there is piping and entry and exit ports, the water flows from the entry port and out of the exit port. This is the basic principle of a sanitary centrifugal pump.

The wheels in centrifugal pumps are called impellers and as they turn they suck water inside and push it out the other. They can pump hazardous liquids and many other kinds.


Centrifugal pumps are simple and require few moving parts. They are very durable. However, cavitation (air pockets forming) is possible, and centrifugal pumps are sensitive to vibrations. Your pump specialists can help you choose the perfect pumps for your applications and can answer all your questions.


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