The Beverage Processing Industry: Adapting To Changing Markets

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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The food and beverage industry employs more than 1.8 million people across America. Over the past five years, this sector has continued to show significant growth. However, for the beverage processing industry to remain strong, it must adapt to changing markets. Gone are the days when soda, milk, and alcohol comprised the beverages of choice. Today, adult Americans have more sophisticated and health conscious choices.

Adult Beverage Trends: Healthy and Carbonated

Many adult Americans are shifting towards healthier beverages. What the current trends seem to indicate is they want drinks possessing many of the following qualities:

     *   Less sugary, more subtly sweet using natural sweeteners

     *   Not too intense a flavor

     *   Unique flavors including botanical, e.g. hibiscus, lavender, ginger, maple, cinnamon

     *   Fresh taste – carbonation

This also applies to water. Flavored, fortified and carbonated water are all part of the latest trends in the beverage processing industry. These drinks may require reformulation to embrace more unique flavors and the addition of various minerals, vitamins and other ingredients including antioxidants, probiotics, electrolytes, and even fiber. The industry can also look towards processing and producing increasingly “natural” drinks such

To meet the new demands of consumers, the beverage industry must also pay heed to more than content. They also need to pay attention to their labeling. Today’s consumers read labels. They want to see the words “natural,” “organic” and “sugar-free.” Other words to consider in both formulation and packaging are “gluten-free,” “no preservatives” and “allergen free.”

The Beverage Processing Industry

The food and beverage industry is in a time of flux. They are facing a change from the sugary-sweet, highly carbonated soda drinks to healthier and more natural beverages. The only way to succeed in this market is to adapt to the latest trends. The food and beverage processing industry has to listen to the consumers and make the right decisions if it wants to remain one of the largest industrial employers in North America and globally.