The Benefits of Online GPS Tracking for the Construction Industry

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Online GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking is cutting-edge technology that utilizes satellite systems, often in conjunction will cell tower networks, to locate and monitor business or organizational assets. It has been used for years in the construction industry and is especially beneficial in managing job site equipment. Some of the ways that managers have used online GPS tracking include protecting assets such as heavy industrial equipment, monitoring performance on the job site from a central, remote location over the Internet, and enhancing day-to-day operations of equipment in order to maximize efficiency and reduce loss.

Systems for online GPS tracking can easily be installed on all heavy equipment and other units and tools in order to prevent theft. If heavy equipment is moved, the satellite tracking system can easily monitor its movement and locate it in the event of theft. Systems installed on refrigeration units or other building materials can decrease incidents of theft and help recover goods that have been stolen from the job site. A tracking system can be set up to sound a silent alarm that notifies you via phone or e-mail when equipment moves that is not supposed to be moving.

Heavy industrial machinery performance and employee use can also be monitored through online GPS tracking from a remote location over an Internet-based network, using proprietary software customized to fit each item’s specific needs. For instance, systems that are installed on equipment can measure the amount of fuel being used and regulate engine idle times in order to save gas and money. By producing reports that precisely show how much each piece of equipment is used on any given job site, managers can plan according to actual usage, not only cutting costs but also producing highly accurate job estimates.

A final benefit of using satellite tracking on the construction site is that its anti-theft potential makes any construction business less of a risk for insurance companies. Since online GPS tracking systems make stolen equipment easily recoverable, many insurers will reduce premiums.

Reports produced by online GPS tracking system software can tell managers things that were difficult to monitor in the past, and are therefore well worth the investment for most construction companies. Being able to monitor employee behaviors is coupled with the capacity to monitor equipment itself and to keep a schedule for maintenance up-to-date, which saves companies of all sizes time and money.