Steps for Reinstatement of Your Revoked or Suspended Drivers License

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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There have been widespread changes in laws related to driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. In Illinois, a driver’s license may get suspended or revoked following a DUI offense. If the driver completes any required drug or alcohol addiction treatment, those drivers might be able to gain back their driving rights with an informal hearing. For others with more than one DUI and/or a felony conviction offense, while driving, their driver’s license might be permanently revoked for life. Speaking with a reliable attorney who is familiar with all types of administrative hearings in Joliet area should be the first step for anyone in this situation.

Some drivers will need to attend a formal hearing regarding their driver’s license status. Having a credible and qualified attorney that specializes in only these types of driver related reinstatement proceedings can mean the difference in the court’s final decision on the manner. Even individuals that have had their driving privileges taken many years ago could still benefit from the wise counsel of a law firm that handles administrative hearings with Joliet court cases. A skilled lawyer can assess and advise each client’s unique case in a free initial consultation appointment.

It can be a real hassle trying to get to work, college classes, doctor appointments and places frequented in everyday errand running. Not having a current and active license to drive is certainly a hardship for the affected individuals. While tougher laws regarding driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs have been passed in court, hearing officials will often be willing to work with individuals who have proven serious changes like completing drug/alcohol addiction programs. Get in touch with Johnson & Goldrich P.C. for legal representation at any administrative hearings in Joliet.