Signs You Need Help For Depression

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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It is common for everyone to feel sad from time to time. However, chronic depression is a mental illness that needs to be treated. There are several signs that indicate that you need to get help from adult mental health services in Minneapolis.

You Have Trouble Sleeping

Depressed people often lack the motivation to do anything and often experience fatigue. However, despite the fact that many depressed people are fatigued, they may still have trouble sleeping at night. Some depressed people experience the opposite. They may sleep all day and have trouble staying awake.

Appetite Changes

Depression can cause you to experience appetite changes. Some people eat a lot while others restrict their food intake. If you lose or gain more than 5 percent of your body weight in one month, then you will need to get professional help.

Depression can change the way that you look at food. You may lose interest in eating. You may also use food to cope with the idea that you are feeling.


Guilt is universal among people who suffer from depression. They may feel guilty because they feel hopeless and worthless. They may also become critical of themselves because they see depression as a sign of weakness.

Physical Aches and Pains

Depression affects more than just a brain. If your depression goes untreated, then it will eventually start to affect you physically. You may have severe headaches and neck pains. You may also have digestive issues.

Suicidal Thoughts

People who have severe depression may develop suicidal thoughts. Having thoughts of harming yourself in any way is not normal. That is why it is important to seek help for depression as soon as possible.

If you need adult mental health services in Minneapolis, then you will need to contact Options Family & Behavior Services.