See Chicago from the Sky

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Travel

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Chicago is a gorgeous and exciting city, full of history, vibrant cultures and living heritages. When you come to visit for the first time, you will want to start by getting a good general overview of how Chicago looks. The best way to do that is from the Best Observation Deck in Downtown. Getting up high and looking down on Chicago lets you enjoy the amazing architecture and lets you get an idea for how the city was designed many decades ago. Here are some good options for you to take it all in on your next visit.

The best observation decks give you 360-degree views of the entire city. The Skydeck is a popular option as is the 360 Chicago Observation Deck located in the famous John Hancock building. The amazing thing about the observation decks is that you can see the city as well as Lake Michigan. Try to come on a clear day when you will be able to see the furthest.

Another interesting way to see Chicago from up high is on the Centennial Wheel. This is an enormous Ferris wheel that gets you truly high to see many of the sights. Plus, it is a fun activity for the children. Located at the Navy Pier, this wheel gets you 200 feet in the air and also gives you 360-degree views.

Of course, the greatest way to see all of the Windy City is to try all of these options. You will love your views from the Best Observation Deck in Downtown and will also enjoy the excitement of swinging from a massive enclosed ferris wheel. Check out more about the 360 Chicago Observation Deck at and find out more about the ticket types from which you can choose.