Security Professions Need Breakaway Lanyards

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Advertising

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Lanyards are quickly becoming a popular way for employees in a large number of industries to carry not only their IDs but also their belongings. Not only as a use for security, they are being used for items, such as keys, pens and various other items employees need to carry to do their job effectively. The convenience they provide is making them a popular item for everyone to use. Police officers, security guards and bouncers find them useful to wear to hold important keys, IDs and various other important things that make their job easier. Because all these professions have an element of danger involved in them, breakaway lanyards are a better choice for them.


Any profession that holds the risk of the employee being attacked or harmed in any way should use breakaway lanyards, rather than regular lanyards. Bouncers are subjected to the exposure to patrons who have had too much to drink or those who are just out looking for a fight. Bouncers never know when the element of risk is going to hit them with an unruly patron or the need to break up a fight. The action happens so quickly that most of the time, bouncers do not have time to react. If they are wearing a lanyard around their neck, they could be at risk for strangulation or other harm. Rather than having to worry about taking it off, they can use breakaway lanyards as a form of safety.

Police Officers and Security Guards

Police officers and security guards are also at high risk for an injury from a lanyard. The increased need for IDs at all times, as well as flashlights and keys, make the use of lanyards important for these professions. If they are worn around the neck, they pose a danger to the officers, putting them at risk for serious injury. Eliminating this risk with breakaway lanyards is a necessity to keep everyone safe.

Volunteer Security

Even volunteer security guards need to be aware of the risks involved in the position they volunteered for. Even if you are acting as security at a tame event, the risk of someone acting out is always present. You also need to be concerned with the risk of getting caught or snagged on something. If the lanyard is sticking out of your pocket or you lean over while it is around your neck and you snag it on something, you could put yourself in grave danger. Choosing breakaway lanyards are a smart choice for everyone in any type of security position, including police officers, security guards and bouncers.