Root Canal Dentistry in Vancouver WA What to Expect During a Root Canal

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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Root Canal Dentistry in Vancouver WA is unique from other types of dentistry. It requires a dentist to focus on one tooth that is decaying or damaged in such a way that the only cure is a root canal. When this treatment is done, it can cure even the most infected or badly damaged tooth.

However, the simple phrase “root canal” still causes quite a bit of fear and anxiety for most people. A great way to overcome these feelings is by understanding what this procedure entails. Keep reading for a breakdown of root canal treatments.

The X-Ray

The first step in Root Canal Dentistry in Vancouver WA is the x-ray. This is done if a dentist suspects that a patient needs this treatment. The x-ray will show the dentist the problem, how severe the decay is and help them make a judgment regarding if this treatment is actually needed.

The Anesthesia

Once it is determined that a root canal is necessary, local anesthesia will be applied to the affected area. Despite what many people believe, root canals aren’t any more painful than traditional fillings are.

The Pulpectomy

Once the anesthesia is in full effect, then the actual root canal procedure will begin. The main part of this procedure is removing all the decayed, infected pulp in the diseased tooth. The dentist will thoroughly clean and rinse the interior of the tooth to ensure that all affected areas are removed. This ensures the problem will not return.

The Filling

Once the roots are opened to remove the pulp that has become diseased, the tooth will be filled with a gutta percha material. After the tooth is filled, it will have a crown put on top. This stabilizes the tooth and ensures it won’t break when chewing.

While no one is exactly thrilled about having to have a root canal done, it is a fairly routine procedure that can help to alleviate pain caused by a diseased tooth. More information about this procedure can be found by contacting the staff at Lewis Family Dentistry. Being informed is one of the best ways to alleviate any fear or anxiety around the procedure. You can also connect them on Facebook.