How To Protect Your Basement From Flood Damage In North Attleboro MA

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Basements are located at a lower elevation and are more vulnerable to flood damage in North Attleboro MA. Basement flooding can happen even if your house is not in a flood zone as basements are the common entry point for water in a storm, heavy rain or during a flood. You need to assess the flooding root cause in the basement to take the appropriate protection steps.

Assess Your Basement’s Vulnerability For Flood Damage In North Attleboro MA

Start with finding out if your house is located in a flood zone and check the historical flood levels in your area. This information is mostly available in the local government or county records or with the insurance companies. Once you understand the risk of the flood in your area and if it is high for your property, consider flood insurance. To understand the vulnerability of the basement flooding, start analyzing the basement characteristic. Observe the location and the time when the flooding tends to happen. If it seems to happen around the same time, the root cause might be seasonal. If the flooding is localized to a certain area in the basement, you can probably fix that area with grading or sloping solutions.

Revise The Exteriors To Protect Against Flood Damage In North Attleboro MA

Localized flood damage in North Attleboro MA in the basement could be a result of improper grading. Verify that the exterior of the house is leveled and graded properly such that the water does not flow towards the house and that the downspouts are directed such that they direct the water away from the basement. If the basement flooding is not localized but the entire basement gets affected then it could be due to a faulty waterproofing. Consult with a contractor on using a waterproofing membrane. Drainage systems play a very important role in lowering the flood damage risk to the basement. If there are exterior spaces prone to flooding, consider installing French drain that can divert the water to the city drainage system, away from the house and keep it protected from the flood damage in North Attleboro MA.

Storm Preparation For Flood Damage In North Attleboro MA

In case of a pending storm, test your basement to ensure that it can withstand flooding.  Sump pit should be clean and debris free. It should have water in it until the pump turns on. A backup battery option with the sump pump is preferred as the loss of electricity is fairly common with flooding. Sump pumps can be manual or automatic. As the name suggests, manual pumps have to be turned on manually when required while automatic sump pumps get operational as soon as excess water is detected. An automatic sump pump is a recommended option as flood damage in North Attleboro MA can sometimes occur without the knowledge of the home owner.