How to Locate a New Auto Repair Shop

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Automobiles

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It is important if you own a car that you find a location for Auto Repair in Biloxi MS before you actually need one. This is the best way to make sure you have somewhere you enjoy and trust before dollar signs begin talking. Researching an auto repair shop takes time, so start when you purchase a vehicle.

Plan Your Visit

You want to make sure you plan your visit wisely. Most shops are busy from open until nine in the morning. Then they are very busy in the afternoon with cars being picked up and worked on. The best time to visit, if you want their undivided attention, is between nine and noon.

Understand the Acronyms

The best way to ensure you will be taken advantage of is by not knowing the terms used in the shop. Some of those terms include what their licensing, registration, and certifications are. You will want to understand the following terms:

AAA -; AAA Approved Auto Repair

iATN -; International Auto Technicians Association

ASA -; Automotive Service Association

BBB -; Better Business Bureau

SAE -; Society of Automotive Engineers

ASP -; Automotive Service Professionals

Look Around

Looking around the shop will give you a good feel for the effort they put into their appearance. If their waiting area is clean, organized, and prepped for long waits (e.g. Magazines and coffee), then you will know that they care about their customers. They should have a bathroom that is also clean and prepped for customers. Appearance on the outside is not as important as the inside, but you should still make a note of it.

Size of Shop

Find out how many vehicles they can handle at one time. Many large shops that perform Auto Repair in Biloxi MS can handle four to six cars at a time, and smaller shops may take longer to do repairs because they can only handle two or three cars at once. Prices will vary because large shops can get parts at a lower cost, but have overhead.

References and Referrals

Check in the shop that is going to do your Auto Repair in Biloxi MS. You can use the internet and find reviews on sites like Yelp, but your best bet is going to be talking to friends and co-workers. You should also ask the shop for any referrals they have so you can talk to them for pictures of before and after repairs were performed.
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