How a Handicap Lift Works

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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Whether you have a permanent or temporary disability, mobility in a wheelchair can be difficult. Technology has enabled those with disabilities to get around much easier. One invention that has made mobility possible for the disabled to get around is the Handicap Lift. Handicap and Mobility Lifts are constructed to look like a regular chair or a recliner except they use a motor to lift you from sitting position. A handicap lift chair can greatly improve your independence.

The handicap lift works with a single or dual motor using a recline and lift mechanism to raise or lower the chair. You can lean back and raise the foot support for more comfort by using the same mechanism. You use buttons to adjust the chair in the position you want. When the chair is in an elevated position, you can get out of it easier. This is an advantage for anyone who can’t just rise up out of a chair with a bad back or to move patients from their chair into the wheelchair. You will find the lift chair comfortable while watching TV because you can move the chair into the desired position and stand up without assistance.

The Handicap Lift chair is available in three different styles. One of the models is the two-position chair lift. As the name indicates, it can move in two positions: TV mode and straight. TV mode places the chair in a slightly reclined position for resting, reading, or watching television. The three-position chair lift comes with three modes: TV recline, straight recline, and full recline. The infinite varieties have an unlimited number of positions. These lift chairs are outfitted with independent leg and back motions which include sleep recline, straight mode, or full recline.

When you shop for a Handicap Lift from Coach Lift for yourself or another person, you want it to be the right one. Choose according to weight and height of the person. Frame restrictions may make shopping for a taller person more difficult. If you are buying one for yourself, try them out before you buy. Always keep your warranty in case something quits working. A handicap lift is worth the price to keep your independence.