Have You Considered Applying for VA Disability, Lawyers Offer Benefits

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Applying for VA benefits can seem like an easy process, at first. There are multiple ways to apply for Veteran’s disability, such as going online to use the eBenefits options or completing and mailing the Form 21-536EZ. Understanding the application process is the first step to seeing if you qualify to receive these benefits. However, it’s also important to understand that you could be denied and may need to appeal. A lawyer can be beneficial during this part of the appeals process.

Apply Online

Many people prefer to do everything online and applying for VA disability can be much easier. However, to be awarded any benefits, you must upload any supporting evidence you have, such as medical diagnoses and the like. Once you obtain the information, you must scan it and have it on your computer so that it can be uploaded. If this process is too confusing, you can also apply by mail or use a representative.

Download Forms/Request Them

If you have access to a computer or a family member does, you can find VA form 21-526EZ, download it, fill it out, and include any other pertinent information. You can send it to the Department of Veterans Affairs or fax it to them.

Regional Offices/Representatives

If you need help filling out the forms (online or by mail), you can go to any VA regional office to have someone help you. Otherwise, you can also choose any accredited agent or representative for help, though you should make sure that they are accredited first.

Legal Counsel

If you’ve already completed your initial application and it was denied, you may want to hire a lawyer for the appeals process.

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