Give Yourself the Gift of a More Youthful Appearance with a Lower Face Lift

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Beauty

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When you look in the mirror, you aren’t happy with the face that is staring back at you. The aging process has made you feel like you have become a stranger. While you still feel youthful, the skin and fat on the lower portion of your face is telling a different story. It’s sagging, making it look like you have a double chin and jowls. You have extra flesh on your neck as well. You find yourself pulling on your skin, trying to draw it tight again. As soon as you let go, you are back to this older version of yourself that you don’t like. A lower face lift in Los Angeles, CA, could be the answer for you.

Choose a Face Lift That is Tailored for You

When you think of a face lift, the first thing that comes to mind is the eye area. That is not your concern. A lower face lift in Los Angeles, CA, is a better fit for you. Your plastic surgeon can focus on the lower portion of your face. The underlying structure beneath the skin can be tightened. Excess skin in the jaw and neck area can be targeted as well when it is trimmed away. Any excess fat can be removed through liposuction. In the end, your face will look smoother and firmer. You’ll feel like you have stepped back in time when you see your reflection.

Look Forward to Facing Your Mirror Once Again

If you  have been avoiding your mirror or the camera because of aging, a lower face lift in Los Angeles, CA, can give you confidence in yourself once again. Begin by setting up a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon who has a high success rate with your procedure of choice. Learn more about your face lift options with VIP Plastic Surgery when you go to