Effective Surefire Ways Attorneys Can Have Clients DUI Charges Dropped

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Driving under the influence, also known as DUI, is one of the most common charges in the United States. Every state has different statutes and specifications regarding charging someone with operating a motor vehicle while impaired. In most cases, people are found to be impaired by alcohol, though drivers are also found guilty of improperly operating cars, trucks, vans, or other automobiles on public roadways as a result of having used drugs before driving. Many people are wrongfully charged with DUI all across the nation. What follows are a few ways that a DUI lawyer in Chicago might help get a client’s DUI charge or related charges dismissed.

Implied Consent Isn’t Always Charged to Suspected Impaired Drivers Correctly

Law enforcement officers are legally able to ask drivers for four types of drug screens – blood, urine, body, or breath – if they discover probable cause that drivers are operating their vehicle under the influence of psychoactive drugs or other intoxicants.

A DUI lawyer in Chicago might get his client off of this charge by finding that the arresting officer failed to inform the driver of the punishment of refusing any of the tests they’re asked to take – a mandatory suspension of their driver’s license.

Field Sobriety Tests Aren’t Always Administered the Right Way

Only three field sobriety tests are standardized. If the arresting officer employed any tests other than these three, the case might not be that strong. Attorneys are able to spot the many possible mistakes that the officers who administer such sobriety tests could make.

Not Writing an Original Police Report

Let’s face it – everyone gets lazy, including police officers. Sometimes, they copy and paste generic DUI warrants onto new arrestees warrants. If attorneys find this out, the DUI could very well be dropped.