Early Orthodontic Treatment Can Prevent Additional Health Problems

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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If your young daughter has wide spaces between her teeth, then it is vital to visit an orthodontist for an evaluation. Early treatment for dental malocclusions can prevent other health issues such as poor oral hygiene or inadequate nutrition. It is easier to care for properly aligned teeth with brushing, and your child can chew food better with teeth that have the correct spacing. Braces for Elmhurst, IL, children are available from a knowledgeable orthodontist who understands how to care for younger patients. Pediatric dental patients require longer appointment times so that the orthodontist can talk to a child to soothe her during her examination.

Traditional Metal Braces are Affordable

Braces for Elmhurst children are typically made from metal brackets and wires, making the items more affordable, but parents can also choose lingual braces that are worn on the backs of the teeth or color-matching ceramic braces with clear wires. It is important to discuss the benefits of orthodontic treatment with your child because there is an adjustment period for wearing the devices, and your child will need to consume a softer diet throughout her treatment.

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Fortunately, the treatment time for wearing braces in Elmhurst is faster today because a computer software program designs the exact placement of the wires. This leads to having the correct amount of pressure on each tooth so that it moves into the proper location quickly. The amount of time necessary for wearing braces varies between two and four years, but some children require treatment first with palatal expanders, and they may also need to wear headgear to change the position of the jawbone. To schedule an appointment with Oakbrook Orthodontics, contact us today at 630-705-7900, or you can visit our website.