Do Not Lose Your Freedom with Criminal Defense Lawyers

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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When we speak of lawyers, what comes to mind immediately is the picture of a man in suit who goes to court daily and stands before a judge arguing a case for his client. This is true in some cases but there are certainly different responsibilities that a lawyer handles. This depends upon the kind of lawyer he is; whether he is a criminal lawyer, divorce lawyer or a tax lawyer. If you are charged with a criminal offense in Texas, your best bet is the criminal defense lawyer Rockwall TX. He will act on your behalf not only to appear in court and passionately argue the case but to prepare for the defense and negotiate with the opposing party.

If you are charged with a crime in Texas, the prosecutor must present enough evidence to satisfy the burden of proof required under the state of Texas and the United States Constitution. If the burden of proof is not satisfied in all aspects of the case, the court and the jury cannot find you guilty. In the United States criminal defendants are presumed innocent until the prosecutors can present the evidences to satisfy the burden of proof. Criminal defense lawyer Rockwall TX will deal with the issues of the crime for which his client is charged and, if there are enough valid grounds, may stop the charges from being filed.

A criminal defense lawyer Rockwall TX needs a thorough understanding of the United States Constitution specifically the Fourth Amendment that protects an individual against unlawful searches and seizures and the Fifth Amendment that governs the right to be silent so that one does not become a witness against himself. A violation of the Fourth or Fifth Amendment can result in inadmissible evidence in trial. A good criminal defense lawyer Rockwall TX will review all the documentation in order to determine if the case can be won through Constitutional Grounds.

If and when there is no constitutional ground, criminal defense lawyer Rockwall TX will turn to negotiations or plea bargaining that allows the client to plead guilty to the crime for lesser offense or as agreed upon in the sentence. Experience and legal knowledge helps a lot in the job of the criminal lawyer. His education does not stop upon graduating from a law school.

The life of a criminal lawyer is a never ending research and quest for more knowledge in handling particular cases. A criminal lawyer undergoes extensive researches into relevant facts when drafting legal papers and preparing for oral arguments. One important aspect in the duties of a criminal lawyer is being able to create a harmonious relationship with his client. The lawyer-client relationship takes place when the lawyer:

1. gets to know the client,
2. discovers facts about the case
3. clarifies what the client wants to accomplish
4. explains how the expectations of the client can be accomplished
5. develops the manner of defense
6. explains the fees necessary for the case

The criminal defense lawyer Rockwall TX also provides legal advice to clients either for free or with financial consideration even when no lawsuit is being contemplated.