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by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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Providing people with good-looking teeth and a great smile is the mission of a Cosmetic dentist in Folsom. Today, the field of dentistry is categorized into different branches. Traditional dentistry focuses on treatment and diagnosis of various dental problems. On the other hand, Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the treatment of visible defects of the patient’s teeth. Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of solutions to patients seeking to have a beautiful and gorgeous smile.

Dental makeovers are done in order to enhance the overall appearance of an individual’s teeth. Many dentists offer cosmetic dentistry procedures as part of their dental care services. The traditional dentist may refer a particular patient to a specialist for further analysis regarding a dental condition. Otherwise, they may be directed to a Cosmetic dentist in Folsom for discussion about a possible dental makeover.

The most commonly sought-after procedures that a cosmetic dentist generally performs are cavity filling, teeth reshaping, and teeth and gum repairing. Another common dental cosmetic procedure is bleaching. Bleaching is the process of whitening teeth. For patients having cavities, the cavities are filled with a filling material. These filling materials may be composed of plastic composites or may be as expensive as gold. Some patients might need reshaping, which is a corrective procedure designed for deformed teeth. Cosmetic dentists can fit dental bridges in order to fill the gaps in between missing teeth. Other restorative procedures that a cosmetic dentist can perform are fitting of dental crowns, veneers, fitting of dental implants, overlays and inlays.

The latest innovations that a Cosmetic dentist in Folsom can use are lasers and other advanced products and materials. Some patented procedures are also being used by cosmetic dentists to extend their services even more. An example of these advanced technology and products are BriteSmile and Invisalign. BriteSmile is a patented teeth whitening procedure that makes use of a special kind of lamp that emits ultraviolet light. Invisalign is a patented device made up of a clear material that is used to align teeth.

Having the best cosmetic dentist gives peace of mind during the whole makeover process. Since the result of the treatment would be a complete makeover, it is a good idea to do a bit of a research before selecting one. Family members and friends can have the best suggestions and reference regarding a Cosmetic dentist in Folsom. If they have undergone dental procedures with a particular cosmetic dentist, then they should have good information about the dentist and some idea about how well he or she is in doing the job. Cosmetic dentistry is all about beautifying a patient’s teeth so their patients can smile with ease and confidence.

Cosmetic dental procedures are commonly not covered by insurance. In some cases however, there are some procedures that are covered by a limited warranty if and only if the cause of such problems are due to inferior workmanship or negligence of duty on the side of the dentist. Some teeth whitening procedures are guaranteed to last for several months. If they tarnish or lose their shine before the specified date, then the dentist would have to do the procedure again, free of charge.