African Safari Once in a Lifetime Experience

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Travel

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African Safari, the wildest and the most adventurous destination on planet, provides best wildlife views and adventurous experience to you. It promises to entertain you with a blend of wildlife exposures of over 800 bird species and animals, several wildlife reserves and parks with close looks to over 800 different species, tour to gifted and mesmerizing natural beauties offering splendid sightseeing of perennial mountains, adjoining valleys, foothills, and plain-hills and flowing rivers. A package of 13 nights and 14 days would be an excellent package for a family or two including all time-meals, free water bottles, stay in tents and campaigns and free entry to parks.

Great Safaris are waiting in Africa for your arrival to come and explore the wide range of wildlife views. Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda there’s no just end to fun and excitement. African Safari is once in a lifetime experience and it offers you Wildebeest migration to explore them migrating from one conservation area to another in different period of times throughout the year. The wet January is a peak time for zebra calves and parched yellow plains are now a vibrant green. At this time wildebeest are heading towards southern Serengeti from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. During December migration you will find signs of rain in the Serengeti National Park where the green patches have now gone wet although zebra can be seen towards lobo area but ultimately most tend to move fast towards the carving grounds.

Serengeti migration is the famous attraction since one would notice different species of animals and birds migrating from one place to another and the mother giving tight hugs to their child and showering their affection towards their child. Mount Kilimanjaro, highest mountain peak of Africa, offers sightseeing and adventurous activities like Snorkeling, Mountaineering, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, and Crafting. Mount Kenya second to Mount Kilimanjaro is also famous for sightseeing and adventurous activities. The second one can be observed while you are on the safari to various parks and reservoirs of Kenya.

If you are fond of Gorilla then you must look forward to Gorilla Trekking. Your trip to Gorilla trekking will start from arrival in Kigali onto Park National De Volcano. It will be a 2 day trip and you will be given a briefing with game rangers on how to behave when you meet with Gorilla. You will get 1 hour time to interact with Gorilla and meet there family. Nairobi, the heartthrob of Africa is the right place for everyone whether you are here for shopping or on business excursion. You will find everything here and you can spend your leisure time by visiting Nairobi Safari Park or take a full day safari to Lake Nakuru National Park. Nairobi also features Giraffe Park and National Centre where you can observe beautiful settings of wildlife and take the safari walk to Giraffe Centre for a close encounter with endangered Rothschild Giraffe and you can feed them.