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What Should a Jewish Special Education School Offer

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Reference and Education
November 11, 2018

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Providing your child with Judaic and secular classes ensures a well-rounded education. When it comes to providing special education for Jewish children, that is a highly sought-after modality.
Points to Consider When Selecting a Jewish Special Education School
Accreditation is one of the most important things to consider when seeking a Jewish special education school. Along with accreditation, you want to make sure a Jewish special education school offers a caring environment that helps build the spiritual and educational needs of the student. Fostering the good and building that child’s emotional well-being will ultimately help the child reach his or her potential. Other things to consider include:

• A small student to teacher ratio of 3:1 ensures the child receives the attention he or she needs in all education levels, from first through 12th grade.

• Instructor flexibility is important because no two children learn the same way and special needs children need more than just a lesson taught to them. They need positive reinforcement and a teacher who is patient.

• Integration with a larger school is also a positive when considering a Jewish special education school. This ensures balance and provides students with a scope of understanding that education is for everyone.

• Education that is rooted in the values of the Torah is important in seeking a Jewish special education school.

• An administration that shows it’s invested in the individual success of each child and backs it with teachers who are well-rounded in the instructional approach to each child is your best choice.

Community involvement in seeing the child’s educational experience doesn’t stop at 12th grade but continues on with post-graduation education and employment opportunities.

To learn more about Jewish special education and how it can benefit your child, contact or visit the website.