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What Does A Bail Bond Man Do

By: Phineas Gray
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April 6, 2012

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 A bail bond man will give his word that a defendant will present himself in court by providing property or some amount of money as a bail. When a person is charged of committing a crime, he needs someone who will act a mediator between him and the court. The person has to remain in custody till the judge does not fix a bail amount. The bail amount is fixed when the defendant will appear before the court for the first time. The judge considers the defendants condition, when he is fixing a bail amount. While fixing up a bail amount, the judge ensures that a considerable sum of money or property is deposited so that the defendant will not fail to make an appearance before the court. Besides considering the person\\\'s circumstances, the judge also keeps the safety of the community in mind. A bail cannot be given to defendant, if he has been alleged of committing a serious criminal offense such as a murder and felony.  If the defendant has not committed a serious or violent crime, then he has full right to ask for a bail. The judge will check all his previous records to find out if any case has been recorded in his name previously. Only after considering all these options, the judge will decide if the defendant can get a bail or not.

    A bail bond agent is aware and has full knowledge to help the defendant to ask for a bail. He will help the defendant in every possible way throughout the bailing procedure and ensure that he will get a bail. The duty of an agent is to assure the court that the defendant will not not fail to appear before the court and he will also not skip any proceeding. It is mandatory for the defendant to attend every single proceeding without fail.

    In any circumstance, if the defendant is unable to appear before the court or skip a court proceeding, the person who directly becomes responsible to make a plea to the court for another date is a bail bond man. Pueblo has many bail bond agents who will be able to help defendants to get a bail or plea for an alternative date from the court, if the defendant will not make an appearance. Though pleading for an alternative date will seem to be an easy task, but actually it is not. Once a defendant does not appear before the court, his agent has to act immediately. He will ensure to the fullest that the defendant gets an alternative date and not be penalized for his non-appearance before the court.

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