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Versatility Style and Fit Tips for Selecting Mens Suits in Hartford CT

By: Alex
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April 30, 2013

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There are almost as many kinds of men's suits as there are different occasions to wear them. If you plan to wear a suit to work each day, you will need more than one to prevent them from wearing out too quickly. Having multiple suits will give you more options in combining fabrics, styles and colors, but those with small collections are best served by sticking to classic styles. Below are some helpful tips on choosing suits Hartford CT.

Go for Versatility

When shopping for retail suits in Hartford CT, versatility is one of the most important factors to consider. Will your new suit be a match for your lifestyle and the occasions on which it will be worn? If you are buying a suit for a formal event, choose one in a charcoal gray or navy blue; lighter-colored suits are acceptable for daytime wear.

It's all in the Pants

The style of your suit pants can say a lot about you. Pleats are dressier, while flat front pants are very slimming. Whichever style you choose, select well-lined pants which fit properly at your waist. Most off-the-rack suit pants will need to be hemmed; when finished, they should break at your shoelaces and hit just above the heel of your shoe.

Suit Fabric

If you are only going to buy one suit, choose one in a multi-season fabric like wool; it looks better and wears longer than a polyester blend, but may be prone to wrinkling. Other alternatives are linen, wool crepe and twill, which can also carry you through the seasons.

The Jacket

Most men prefer the three-button look, but double-breasted or two-button styles are popular for larger men. Your jacket should button easily, and you should be able to move freely without gapping or stretching at the button holes. Collars should lie flat, showing ½" of your shirt lapel, and sleeves should hit the wrist bone. Check the lining; it should be complete and without any ridges which can cause wrinkling.

Tailored, or Off the Rack?

Tailored suits Hartford CT are custom-fit to your body frame, but are more expensive. An off-the-rack suit is more readily available, but may not fit as well because it is designed to fit the 'average' man. Alterations can be expensive, and if there are many to be done, it may make more sense to buy a tailored suit.