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The Benefits of Using a Divorce Mediator in NYC

By: Alex
Category : Legal
June 28, 2013

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Divorces often turn adversarial in very little time. Both parties may end up fighting over little things, things like who gets the coffee maker or who take the bean bag chair in the family room. To avoid the fighting, couples often turn to a Divorce Mediator in NY. Mediation offers many benefits to couples in the process of dissolving their marriage. Benefits include:


          1. Avoiding one or more appearances in court. The only time couples who have gone through mediation have to appear in court is when they go to have their judgment signed. The judgment is presented to the court when mediation successfully ends.


          2. You and your spouse have more control over what goes into the agreement. Judges do the best they can to be fair to all involved, but they don't know your family like you do. Mediation allows you to come to an agreement with your spouse on all issues so there are fewer hard feelings when the process is complete.


          3. Mediation tends to take less time than going before a judge for a divorce. Courts are facing cutbacks which means fewer cases will be heard. If you both agree the time has come to split so you can each move forward with your new lives, a trained Divorce Mediator in NY helps to make this possible.


          4. When you go before a judge, others can learn the nasty details of the divorce. Mediation allows you to keep your privacy and that of your spouse's. Others won't learn of any allegations which are raised in mediation, allegations which may smear your good name.


          5. The cost of mediation is less than that seen with a traditional divorce. In many cases, the mediator can provide couples with an estimate of their costs in one or two meetings. Once they have a good grasp of the situation, they can make an educated guess as to the number of meetings which will be required.


Any couple in the process of a divorce needs to consider mediation. This is especially true for those parents with children. The mediation process helps to preserve relationships and fosters good communication. This is key as a breakdown in communication leads to problems in a marriage which can result in divorce. Communication is often restored with the help of the mediator.

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