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Taking the Best Care of Your Grass Means Hiring a Pro

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Landscaping
July 18, 2012

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Many people in Hutto, Texas have the idea that taking care of a lawn requires little more than regular watering, cutting and maybe edging in the summer months. While those are components in lawn care, in order to have a really healthy landscape, and to protect your lawn against the elements and insects, a professional can help you to make the best use of your time, resources and money.

Many Texans over-water their lawns. It is possible to damage your grass by giving it too much water. Not only that, but it wastes water resources and costs more when you get your water bill at the end of the month. Setting up your sprinklers to water the lawn just enough to keep in healthy while not wasting water can be tricky. Sprinkler heads may not be spraying in the most effective radii, have particles blocking spray, or there may be too much or not enough water pressure in the system. A sprinkler repair service in Hutto can send professionals to evaluate your lawn sprinkler system and make sure each sprinkler head provides sufficient coverage for its area of the lawn, and that working together, your sprinkler cover your entire lawn without also watering the street or sidewalk.

In some cases, a pump may malfunction and not provide enough pressure for full coverage of your lawn. Fixing a pump is a technical job that requires a lawn care professional. Many people assume they have pump trouble, but the problem can also be due to blockages in sprinkler piping.

Knowing how to set times for watering and for how long is also key to a more efficient watering routine. Many people do not know enough to set their watering times for an appropriate amount of time, or how many days a week they should water. Seasonal changes can make a difference too, as can the time of day you water your lawn. Calling a sprinkler repair service to help customize your sprinkler system to meet your landscaping needs, including water use efficiency, can help save energy as well as money.

If you suspect any problems with your sprinkler heads or are in need of sprinkler repair, it’s critical to have a professional fix any problems before they escalate into bigger problems that cost more money. A sprinkler repair service in Hutto can not only perform sprinkler repair services, but can also provide maintenance on your entire sprinkler and irrigation system. An efficient system lasts longer and saves both water resources and money, and is well worth the effort and possible cost.

Sprinkler Repair Hutto - Residents of Hutto, Texas use Top-Notch Irrigation to make sure that their lawns are properly hydrated, healthy and green. Our expertise in sprinkler and irrigation systems can be put to good use through an inspection of your system to make sure there are no problems developing in your pump, heads or piping. Our sprinkler repair solutions in Hutto will ultimately add value to your home. Call us today at

Sprinkler Repair Hutto

Sprinkler Repair Hutto

Sprinkler Repair Hutto

Sprinkler Repair Hutto