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Space Planning For an Office Trailer in NYC

By: Alex
Category : Transportation And Moving Services
December 28, 2012

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It is not a necessity to install cubicles in an office trailer in NY as many of these units are used for a reasonably short time and they are not all occupied fully during a work shift. When the trailer is on a construction site the occupants spend most of their day on site rather than in the office. A construction office is usually for holding documents such as drawings and specs and for meetings with various personnel involved in the job, from the owners to sub contractors.
An office trailer in NYC at times is not an office at all. It can serve as a lunch room or canteen for the staff on site.

When the office trailer in NYC is going to be the work place of certain staff members for the duration of the project, then partitions are usually required. An office site trailer may be the home of buyers, engineers and accountants and their unique activities demand that they be separated and provided with privacy.

For those individuals who will work out of the office trailer in NYC, the desktop is of primary importance when it comes to designing practical use of the space. Whether the office is portable or not, the cubicles usually have a desktop that runs on two walls in a shape of the letter “L”. This setup allows for working space and space for storage or perhaps office equipment such as a printer or scanner. It seems that no job can be done without the aid of a computer, the monitor will invariably be stationed in the corner where there is sufficient room. The other equipment that is used frequently during the day is kept within arm’s reach, the telephone for example. Rack or shelving storage can be under the work surfaces or free standing. In a site office trailer in NYC there will be found reams of paper, spec books, and drawings etc that find their way to any free space.

Every office requires a filing cabinet, what goes in it of course varies from office to office but a cabinet is required. As a site office trailer in NYC may not be the most secure place, the filing cabinets are usually locked style so that materials cannot be removed when the office is not in use. The cubicles in portable office trailers usually run the length of one wall; the wall is an ideal place for upper bins or shelving.

The wall is also an ideal place for charts which are invariably part of the project. Construction works on very tight time windows and charts to indicate the competition of the various elements are usually hung from the walls.

Regardless of why you need an additional portable office trailer in NYC, whether it is for long term or short term, you can arrange it easily with MODS of NY. One call and your requirements are met.

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office trailer in NYC

office trailer in NYC

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