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Signs Of Domestic Violence In Reno NV

By: Alex
Category : Legal
April 26, 2013

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One serious problem in today's families is the rash of domestic violence that can lurk in homes, unknown or unnoticed by friends and family of the victims.  There are all sorts of laws and requirements on reporting suspected violence in order to try to bypass the victims of the abuse having to report it.  This is because most often they feel that they cannot do so.  However, often times friends and family or even acquaintances feel that they do not know for sure domestic violence in Reno NV is happening, so they choose to take no action at all and meanwhile the abuse just continues.  Here are a few signs of domestic abuse that might help you realize someone you know is likely in such a situation and you can start observing and asking questions.  Of course, some of these signs can be completely innocuous, but if you start to notice a pattern or several of these things happening, then it is time for some action.  There is plenty of material online and also centers for domestic violence Reno, NV can help you and answer questions, so you can definitely find out more information if you have specific issues. 

With children, there are often bruises beyond what you see in even clumsy children and the bruises tend to be in peculiar places like the upper arms, back, or thighs, and even sometimes on the face.  Of course broken bones are another indicator as are a lot of sick days when you do not see the child at all.   It is hard to really tell with behavioral clues because some children become very aggressive if they have to deal with domestic violence in Reno, NV while others withdraw.  You possibly have no baseline behavior to judge against, but if there has been a drastic personality change, along with bruising or other signs of neglect, then it is very likely worth alerting someone of your suspicions. 

With adults, chances are you do have a baseline pattern of behavior to which you can compare the victim's behavior after the suspected domestic violence Reno, NV has begun.  If the victim withdraws, seems frightened of the possible aggressor, talks about how she is not allowed to do something, how the aggressor does not like something, or seems particularly concerned about getting home in time, getting something done in time, or the like, these are all possibly symptoms of abuse and violence.  And, of course, any bruises or broken bones that seem suspicious can also be indicative of domestic violence in Reno NV.