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Selecting A New Boiler

By: Alex
Category : Home Improvement
April 25, 2012

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When you realize your old heating unit just isn’t doing its job like it should you may want to find a new Boiler in Westchester County. People that upgrade their existing heating units can expect to save quite a bit of money each year on heating costs because of the efficiency that now exists. You should be able to find the exact unit that can heat your home the best and replace your inefficient model quickly with a few steps.

You will first want to think about the type of heating unit you have now. If you have been operating a gas boiler then that may be the best type you will want to find to install. There will be electric, gas, and oil to choose from and determining the best for you will also include what you already have. To save money on installation you may want to consider using the same kind of unit again. The efficiency of each model has been improved greatly in the last few decades so any decision you make will likely be an improvement upon what you already have.

Once you determine what kind of Boiler in Westchester County you would like to install you will need to find what size of unit you will need. Many older tests will tell you that you need the square footage of your home to decide, but there are better methods available. You may want to determine the heat loss of your home by the insulation levels, the area you live in, and the home’s design. You may want to consider the heat loss that exists from your windows and doors as well as they may lose a lot of the heat.

You can then start shopping for different efficiencies of a Boiler in Westchester County. The AFUE rating will be the annual fuel utilization efficiency and the higher the percentage the more your money is actually going to heating your home. The higher rating units can cost a little more upfront, but the savings you get from your heating bills will make up for it. You should expect to save money on most of the boilers you see because the standard has likely gone up since you last purchased your unit. In the end you should be able to find the best boiler to heat your home more efficiently.

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Selecting A New Boiler

Selecting A New Boiler