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Revamp Your Crawlspace

By: Teresaal Dridge
Category : Business
December 5, 2018

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When your home has a partial or complete crawlspace, it is important to protect that space. The foundation, supports, beams and joists of your home are impacted by the conditions of the crawlspace. Our crawl space company in Indiana offer seamless encapsulation and sealing services so that you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier and safer indoor environment.

We offer a full range of services for crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation. Many parts of Indiana have problems with radon gas. Radon can be deadly, and it is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. People who both smoke and have exposure to radon have a much higher chance of developing lung cancer than they would if they only had one of those risk factors. With our encapsulation services, we help keep the radon out of your home's living space. We can work around a radon abatement system if you already have one installed in your crawlspace.

Our goals are to provide you with a comfortable, healthy and safe home and to do so as efficiently and affordably as possible. We offer a consultation so that you can learn more about the condition of your crawlspace and how our sealing and encapsulation may help. If you have any questions about the crawlspace or what we do to make the area healthier and safer, please do not hesitate to ask us. We provide you with all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

Let us help you achieve and maintain a healthier, cleaner and more energy-efficient home by encapsulating and sealing crawlspaces. When you are in need of a crawl space company in Indiana, contact us at Nu-Crawl today. You may also visit our website learn more about our services.