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Repurposing Old Furniture With Wood Veneers

By: Alex
Category : Home Improvement
July 25, 2012

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One of the best projects that you can undertake is remodeling your home.  Sometimes, people are against the idea of home improvements because they can be so expensive, but there are options that you can take that are not nearly as pricey as some of the high end projects that are so popular.  Something that you can do if you are looking for a project that can completely change the look is replace certain surfaces in your home with wood veneers in San Fernando Valley CA.

Wood veneers in San Fernando Valley CA looks much better than the laminate or Formica countertops that you may have right now because they are designed to reproduce the look of real woods.  Most wood veneer looks just like real wood and some even has texture to make it feel like natural wood. The sheets are available in a huge variety of different finishes including the most popular woods that are used in construction and exotic woods that are not seen as often.

These veneers are very thin slices of wood that can be glued to less expensive materials, such as particle board or some plastics, to make it look like it is higher quality. The thickness is typically about 3mm and can be purchased in long rolls which can then be cut down to proper size and installed using adhesive glue to attach the veneer to the surface.  When the adhesive is allowed to dry, it is permanently adhered to the surface of the wood and will be extremely difficult to remove. This makes wood veneers in San Fernando Valley CA the perfect thing to use when you are refinishing the surface of furniture or even counter tops.

Before you buy wood veneers in San Fernando Valley CA, you should find out about the different kinds that are available so you are sure to get the right type for your application. The first type of veneer is called a raw veneer. This kind of veneer has no backing on it and can be used either face or back side up. You will need to apply a finish to the veneer, which makes it useful because you can match the color and finish to your existing furniture. There is also a paper backed veneer that is useful when you are trying to apply the veneer to a convex or concave surface and a phenolic backed that is less likely to crack when used on curves.

Do yourself a favor and use wood veneers in San Fernando Valley CA to repurpose your old furniture. Wood Veneers in San Fernando Valley CA will save you a lot of money over buying everything new.

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