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Old to new Oil to Propane Conversions in Guilford

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Oil was one of the first modern heating systems used. Wood stoves have their purposes, but they have some disadvantages, namely they’re the only type of heater which will cause one to frequently fight with fire. There’s also the issue that they will cook whatever room they’re in, even if the rest of the house remains relatively cool. Oil heating was a large step forward at the time, but is a very expensive system, and one that’s bad for the environment.

Gas and propane in Guilford, both burn cleaner and cheaper than oil. It’s also worth noting that if you’re comparing propane to oil for installation costs it’s cheaper to install propane than oil. The thing to keep in mind is that New England is the only region where oil is used commonly because of the age of the houses, it might be on the way out as a heating fuel and investing in it at this point might be a bad idea.

Propane has a lower installation cost and a better rating from the EPA for its emissions, it is one of those beautiful examples where doing the environmentally right thing is also the most affordable thing. It’s not always easy to do the right thing, especially if you live in Central Connecticut, where a great many people commute in to work. You can however reduce the impact you have on the environment by improving the heating source you have for your home. Propane or natural gas both work better than oil at heating a home, and they are also more versatile. A propane tank can be multi-tasked in ways that an oil system cannot. Oil cannot run your stove as well, all it can do is heat your house and water, propane is, at the end of the day, a much better fuel source than oil. It’s cheaper over time; it’s better for the environment and can be multi tasked more.

If your interest in converting to propane, propane is environmental or financial, it doesn't matter. If you live in Guilford, CT or its surrounding area you no doubt want to work with a local company. It's hard to be Connecticut for proximity. East River Energy in Guilford can help you make the transition, if you're curious and want a free estimate they can be found online or called at 203.453.1200