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Guide for Visiting Students in Edinburgh

By: Phineas Gray
Category : Travel
April 24, 2013

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With the world getting culturally diverse, more and more students are opting to leave the comfort of their home to look for educational institutions in different cities, countries and even continents. Today, universities around the world cater to culturally diverse students, which enable them to go beyond their comfort zones and explore new territories. Edinburgh is no different, it too provides a hub for students from different regions to not only study but explore a place which is rich in culture and history. So, if you too would like to consider moving to Edinburgh for further studies, whether for degrees, diplomas or short summer courses, this guide will help you make the most of your trip.


1. Accommodation


The first thing you will need to take care about is your accommodation. Try looking for hotels near Edinburgh airport, especially if your visit is a short one or if you are new to the place. There are many reasonable places in Edinburgh where you could stay. If a number of students are visiting, then you can easily divide the cost with shared accommodation. Also when visiting, be sure to check the universities' hostels or other possible accommodations for your long term stay. Living spaces play an important role in determining whether you will be able to adapt to a place.


2. Dining


If you opt for hotels near Edinburgh airport, then you would probably prefer eating at the hotel which will be relatively reasonable and more convenient. However, you can also visit the various pubs and restaurants that the city boasts of. If you are looking for traditional Scottish cuisine, then restaurants worth trying are the Witchery and the Rhubarb. If you would like to try different cuisines, then the Maison Bleue offers scrumptious French cuisine and the Indian Cavalry Club offers Eastern flavors. There are also many traditional Scottish pubs in Edinburgh to hang out with friends or to bond with local students.


3. Attractions


Be sure to visit the important visitor's attractions that the city boasts. These include the Edinburgh castle, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Scottish Parliament, the 3D Loch Ness Experience and many others.


Make sure to plan your trip ahead to make the most of your time and to get a taste of not just the university life but of the city on a whole.